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The DFZ does not charge membership fees, take royalties, profits or revenues from incubated startups. Applications for standard and affiliate memberships on an ongoing basis. Members include Ryerson students, alumni, and entrepreneurs from the wider community who are paired with mentors or other members to complete design/fabrication projects including commercial products/prototypes and services, tech startup companies, design businesses, installations and exhibitions, and competitions. To learn more about the resources, space and technology available to members click here.


Member Benefits

Experiential Learning

Hands-on design fabrication experience enriched by industry mentors, technicians and peers.


Access to state-of-the-art and traditional fabrication technologies, enhanced with training and workshops.

Fabrication + Office Space

Access to fabrication spaces and shared office space.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with institutional and industry partners, professionals, cultural institutions and more.

Media Recognition

Exposure, publicity and press coverage at industry and academic events.

Access to Awards and Funding

Opportunities through industry, government and institutional grants, funding and awards.

Application Details

Standard Membership Applicants Must

  1. Have an innovative idea
  2. Have the capacity to complete the project within one year (negotiable for larger projects)
  3. If you are applying as a Ryerson student you must have a specific design project, entrepreneurial venture or research proposal that falls outside of your current curricular offerings. Your idea should look to advance design, fabrication innovation and/or entrepreneurship.

Standard Membership Application Process

The application process takes approximately three weeks.

  1. Complete the below Online Application Form and allow two weeks for the DFZ team to review
  2. Suitable applicants will be contacted to schedule a pitch meeting where they will have the opportunity to present their proposal to the DFZ team
  3. The DFZ will contact applicants with a notice of acceptance or rejection

Affiliate Membership Information

Join the DFZ as an Affiliate Member and build your knowledge and skill set by participating in DFZ workshops, talks and networking events. Affiliate Members gain opportunities to assist on DFZ member-initiated projects and DFZ-initiated projects. Affiliates develop design and fabrication expertise by working with project leaders, mentors, DFZ Staff, technicians and other members on exciting DFZ projects. Affiliates are credited on DFZ media for any contributions they make.

Apply to become a DFZ Affiliate Member here

Standard Member Application Form