DFZ Mentors

DFZ Mentors include industry and academic professionals who guide members through projects including commercial products, installations, exhibitions, competitions, design businesses and tech startups.

Be an Industry Leader
Promote yourself as a leader in your industry by mentoring, speaking and networking at the DFZ. Mentors are promoted through all DFZ channels.
Give Back to the Community
Help emerging entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality.
Grow Your Network
Connect with industry professionals and academics.
Speaking Opportunities
Give talks, demonstrations and workshops to the DFZ and larger Ryerson community.
Skills Expansion
Improve and expand your skill set and knowledge.
Programming + Events
Participate in DFZ talks, demonstrations, workshops and networking/social events.

Become A Mentor

Industry and academic professionals can become Mentors at the DFZ as specialists for specific projects or join for a year to mentor multiple Members on different projects. Mentors should commit to a minimum of 4 hours per month for the duration of their mentorship. The DFZ is seeking Mentors with experience in consumer product design, installation design, commercial product design, business strategy and planning, exhibition design and visual art, as well as partners at design or architecture firms and professionals in leadership positions at technology startups.

To inquire about Mentoring please submit your expression of interest and your LinkedIn profile or CV to dfz@ryerson.ca.


Martha Malloy

With more than a decade of professional marketing experience, Martha Malloy is a communications and technology strategist with a passion for working with driven entrepreneurs. Trained in both UX/UI and product design, she combines her intimate understanding of the creative innovation process with the art of pitching ideas.

McAlister Zeller-Newman

McAlister is a recent graduate of Ryerson’s New Media Program and present day assistant of Toronto-based, multidisciplinary artist Max Dean.  With over a year of experience working closely with Max, a veteran of the art world’s, he has been engaged with a methodology of taking an idea and working it to fruition.
Prior to studying at Ryerson, he was involved in the refabrication and repurposing of discarded objects and antiques into industrial/modern furniture.
His personal work focuses more on painting and the creation of mechanical means to alter the perspective and/or viewing experience of the work.  He is also playing with the creation of basic A.I. generative code based systems that through their own means create their own dynamic designs.

Brad Poulos

As a former profit 100 CEO and public company chair, Brad Poulos has taken companies from inception, through high growth, to exit. As a professor in the world-renowned Entrepreneurship program at Ryerson University, his teaching practice focuses on lean startup, small business and company strategy and his research focus is the cannabis industry in Canada and abroad.
His career spans 30+ years, several continents, and a handful of industries including telecom, luxury goods, software and education.
Blending a technical background with an Ivey MBA, his unique insight and analysis are in constant demand from media, the industry and the educational community.
For fun, he plays keyboards in the rock band Southpawz in the Greater Toronto Area.

Glenda Rissman

Glenda is one of the founding Principals of q30 design inc. An honours graduate of the Graphic Design program at Dawson College in Montreal, Glenda is also an RGD (Registered Graphic Designer), and has been a design consultant for over 30 years and a design business owner for 26 years.
She has designed and managed corporate communications for some of the largest corporations in North America.

Connor Malloy

Connor employs a blend of design thinking, user experience based problem solving and a contagious enthusiasm to share new ideas with everyone around him. After 10 years leading industrial & architectural design projects and working with diverse teams, Connor brings a unique multidisciplinary arsenal of communication tools to any challenge.

Joseph Breitner

Joseph has a B.Sc. with honors in Mechanical Engineering and an M.Sc. in Materials Engineering, both from Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Israel.
When Joseph moved to Canada in 2002 from Israel he held positions from Mechanical Engineer to Engineering Director; leading an international team developing water filtration products.

Emira Galeteanu

Emira is an award winning licensed architect and has been involved in the design and contract administration of several cultural, institutional, educational and residential projects. Emira’s passions are in both buildings and building. She is an active participant in the maker movement and believes that design thinking should touch every part of our daily lives. When she is not building buildings she is building furniture (wood and metal), lighting fixtures, art objects and jewelry. She has also written and illustrated 3 children books.

Vincent Hui

Vincent currently teaches a variety of courses within the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada ranging from design studios to advanced architectural computing, and digital fabrication.
He received his Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Architecture), Master of Architecture, and Teaching Certifi- cation from the University of Waterloo as well as a Master of Business Administration (specializations in Marketing and Strategy) from the Schulich School of Business at York University. After gaining international and domestic work experience with architecture firms around the world, he became a partner at Atelier Anaesthetic in 2003.
He has been awarded several teaching citations while at University of Waterloo since 2001 within both Schools of Planning and Architecture. Vincent’s works with physical com- puting and digital fabrication have been exhibited and published internationally. His recent work with architectural appropriation of ubiquitous computing, augmented reality, and data-scapes has culminated in the Arch-App, a tool that allows users to access data on any landmark in the built environment.

Diana Andrea Guzmán