Reinvigorate for the Ryerson Library


Bodhi Collective, a student-led creative firm, seeks to dismantle common perceptions of and behaviours in various types of spaces through design, fabrication, art and technology. Project Reinvigorate was a Bodhi Collective initiative that aims to alter how subjects perceive and behave in library spaces. The collective redesigned the first level of a library stairwell, renaming it the “Stairway to Stimulation”. This refresher stairway is designed to increase stair usage in the Library. Whereas the layout of the Library creates a natural path to the building’s elevators, the refresher stairway promotes health and wellness and energy conservation by inviting and encouraging physically-able bodies to use the Library stairs. On the whole, Project Reinvigorate aims to improve library experiences by revitalizing this type of space through centred design methodology.

Members: Linh Nguyen, Samantha Tangir, Jasmeet Bains, Ellen Pitt, McKayla Durant, Emma Hannaford

Mentor: Filiz Onguc-Klassen

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