Member Resources, Technology and Facilities

Members have access to technology, workshops, fabrication space and facilities at the Design Fabrication Zone, Ryerson School of Interior Design. and FCAD Lab.


Digital Fabrication Technology

Advanced technology including 3D Printers, Laser Cutters, CNC Routers, Robotic Devices and more. Scroll down for a sample of the available digital technology inventory.

Incubation Workspaces

Desk spaces, meeting areas and assembly spaces are all available to members. To learn more contact us.

Traditional Fabrication Technology

Tools, equipment and machines for woodworking and prototyping with plastics are available to members. Scroll down to learn more.

Available Digital Fabrication Technology

3D Printers

Ultimaker 2

This desktop 3D printer was created through open-source collaboration, is highly reliable and accurate with a build size of 223 × 223 × 205 mm. Two of these are available at the DFZ Lab.

Ultimaker 3

Dual extrusion allows printing with different materials or colours, or printing with dissolvable support materials to create complex mechanical parts and intricate surfaces. Build size of 215 × 215 × 20 mm

Formlabs Form 2

This desktyop stereolythography printer is the most advanced on the market and creates laser-sharp prints with stunning surface finish. It has a build area of 145×145×175 mm. Available at the DFZ Lab

Voltera V-One

Print your circuit boards, dispense solder paste, and reflow, all on this desktop PCB prototyping machine. Create up to two layer circuit boards from CAD files.

CNC Routers + Laser Cutters

CNC Router

Mastercam CNC Router provides a large working area, one-off, low volume, and on-demand production. Available at the RSID shop.

Epilog Fusion M2
Laser Cutter

75 Watt CO2 laser cutter with a processing area of 1016 x 711 mm x 337 mm. Available at the FCAD lab.

Universal PLS6.75
Laser Cutter

 75 Watt laser cutter with a processing area of 813 x 457 x 229 mm. Available at the FCAD lab.

4-axis CNC Foam Cutter

 Hot wire foam cutter, CNC controlled. 40 x 24 x 24″ build size.

Available Traditional Woodworking Equipment

A wide array of woodworking, metalworking and other equipment and hand tools are available for use at the the Design Fabrication Zone and the School of Interior Design (RSID), including table saws, panel saws, bandsaws, jointers, planers, lathes, vacuum formers, metal bandsaws, mitre saws, metal drill presses, drill presses and stationary sanders.