The DFZ is pleased to announce a new sponsorship by DS Solidworks. Our startups and members will benefit from a donation of ten floating software licenses of Solidworks 2019 Premium, with all nine add-ons including Simulation and CAM Professional. Solidworks is an advanced 3D modelling software that provides designers and engineers with the tools to bring their ideas to market faster and more efficiently than traditional methods. Starting with an inital concept model, designs can be validated for assembly, durability, and final manufacture. Detailed drawings, animations, assembly, and manufacturing instructions can all be generated from the same design, saving time and money.

Solidworks will allow DFZ members to design complex assemblies with moving parts that dynamically adapt and update themselves during design modifications. Parts can be optimized for specific manufacturing processes like injection molding, sheet metal or weldment fabrication, with specialized analysis tools that help create lighter, stronger and more economical parts.

Solidworks offers solutions to not just design better but smarter, and beat their competitors to market.  Solidworks also offers an Entrepreneurs program, providing software, training, and co-marketing resources at no cost to help startups succeed.

We greatfully acknowledge this in-kind donation worth up to $1,000,000 in value.

Member Resources: – Ryerson students and Zone Learning members have unlimited access to where they can find dozens of Solidworks tutorials.