Michael Cullen, CEO of DFZ startup Novalte, was invited to speak on a panel at the Voice of Healthcare (VOH) Summit that took place at Harvard University in Boston last week. The VOH Summit is a one-day conference which dives deep into the newest trends of voice-first technology being used in the healthcare industry.

Along with Cullen, the hour-long panel discussion entitled The Role of Voice in Enhancing Patient Care: Real World Use Cases featured David Box (Director, Accounts and Business Development – US Healthcare, Macadamian), Joshua Lang (Advisor, Robin Healthcare) and Nate Treloar (President and COO, Orbita). The panel was moderated by Harry P. Pappas, Founder and CEO of the Intelligent Health Association and the “Alexa in Healthcare Consortium.”

During the panel, Cullen expressed how Novalte’s voice technology has changed the lives of their growing clientele. Cullen was able to captivate his entire audience by expressing the overwhelming reactions he’s witnessed of people using Novalte’s device.

“Voice technology has been so empowering for people with disability,” says Cullen. “This technology is revolutionary and has allowed people to become independent.  With voice-first technology, they no longer need an app to control their devices.”

Cullen and the Novalte team pride themselves on building interpersonal connections with their beta-testers. Whenever installing their device at a client’s home, they always stay back to see their clients’ initial reactions to remind them of the purpose behind their startup. Cullen can attest that having the ability to simply turn on a light by one’s self can be incredibly life changing for his clients.

To read more about Novalte’s success stories, visit their website here.