Activating Pro Bono Design Practices

Activating Pro Bono Design Practices at the Interior Design Show (IDS)

Experimental Project

Design activism is an under-researched and sporadically practiced area in the field of interior design. The goals of this project in relation to design activism are two-fold: to promote debate, discussion and theorization among designers, design academics and various segments of the general public about the place of ethics and activism in design, and to contribute to the development of knowledge products that focus on embedding design activism into the interior design curriculum and interior design profession.

The questions that drive this initiative include the following:

  • Can we dedicate 1% of our professional time to the practice of design activism (design for social engagement)?
  • How can we work with (and design for) the other 90% of population in need of design services?

This project was on display at the Interior Design Show from January 23 to 26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building and is documented online.

Members: Agnes Chow, Carley Crossman, Vivian Kwok, Nisha Sewell, Janine Yeung, Jing Yang & Norain Chang

Mentor: Dr Lorella Di Cintio
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