Breath, Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel

Experimental Project

Breath comments on the careful preparation of a hotel room. The installation captures the fleeting suspension of a bed sheet in the air before it lands on and is smoothed over a mattress. Fabricated on site in Room 204 of the Gladstone, the installation is composed of one 4.5m x 4.5m sheet of cotton gauze fabric. It was dipped in glue and water and then hung to dry to form a parabola. Once hardened from the glue, the delicate structure was gently inverted to stand upright. The installation calls its audience to reflect on the arresting beauty inherent in the seemingly mundane task of stretching a bed sheet over a mattress.

Team Members: Nisha Sewell, Katherine Porter & Catherine Ferrell

Team Mentors:  UUfie Studio, Lois Weinthal




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