Grassroot Biotics

Startup Company

Grassroot Biotics is a hardware company based in Toronto, Canada that is looking to make home growing easy and attractive for all, regardless of what you’re growing. Unlike our competitors, we don’t claim that our product will replace your visits to the grocery store, however it will allow you to grow high value and exotic plants, such as cannabis, peppers, bonsai, and more.

We want our products to bring energy into your home, which is why we have focused on design that can be integrated into any living space, and allows for you to show it off, or have it be discrete as you need it to be.

Our system automatically waters, feeds, manages lighting (custom or presets timers available), and even includes a carbon filtration to remove the smell of more potent plants. Support is included through an app that allows you to learn about your plants needs, and track your grows.


Jump Start Alley at Maker Festival 2018

Members: Brian Hanna

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