Guiding Light, Sukkahville Design Competition & Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square

Experimental Project

Guiding Light is an interpretative representation of a sukkah, a Jewish temporary structure used during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

Guiding Light narrates the events outlined in Sukkot through proxemics, procession and light. The sukkah is divided into three physical sections. The entrance uses protruding wooden members to characterize the entrapment and chaos of the Israelites in Egypt; as the spectator progresses further into the sukkah, the wooden members decrease in length. Square perforations in the structure’s envelope begin to appear, a procession that mimicks the 40 Year Journey of the Israelites. The deepest end of the sukkah has many perforations, allowing more daylight to enter the structure. This light represents the arrival of the Jews into Israel.

Members: Erik Aquino, Farah Elmajdoub, Liam Hall, Mariam Elzein, Arnel Espanol & Liam Van Steekelen

Mentors: Vincent Hui, Tom Bessai

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