Hanging Matters for Come up to my Room at the Gladstone Hotel

Experimental Project

A string is all it takes,

to change this place.

Hanging Matters, an inverted terrain, is intended to alter and transform as a composition over the duration of the installation through the participation in its destruction. The mass intends to capture people’s attention through the creation of a dynamic and layered ceiling plane, compelling people to dwell within this in-between space. Playful yet provocative, the abstracted piñatas reveal their contents upon release, creating a moment reflective of child-like intrigue, wonder and surprise. The interior therefore develops a sense of ambiguity, with the space evolving as people so choose, from regulation to mess in an unknown span of time. Through the alteration of individual modules, the physical space mirrors the activity below over time, becoming a catalogued topography of party happenings.

What are we even talking about?

You’ll have to pull a string to find out.

WINNER | Designlines Loves 2014 Award

Members: Jordan Evans, Ryla Jakelski &  Evan Jerry

Mentor: Lois Weinthal & Jeremy Vandermeij

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