Lulav Forest, Sukkahville Competition & Exhibition, Nathan Philips Square

 Experimental Project

Lulav Forest won the 2015 Sukkahville Design Competition in Toronto.

Inspired by the protection and shelter provided by trees and forests, Lulav Forest is a symbolic forest that provides relief from the sun and a place to rest in the clearing of Nathan Philips Square. Composed of modules, Lulav Forest mimics the traditional formation of lulav bundles, bundles of three plant species the ancient Jews used to construct sukkahs. Lulav Forest features five modular “lulav components” bent into shape with woven tensioned elements. Arranged in multiple directions, the lulav modules reinterpret the Lulav ritual to reflect God’s omnipresence.

Members: Adryanne Quenneville, Tasneem Rahman

Mentor: Tom Bessai

Photos: Tasneem Rahman


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