Startup Company

Ovandi is cannabis technology company based in Toronto, Canada developing innovative devices to curate experiences for cannabis consumers. Our initial product “Saturn” pairs an easy-to-use education and recommendation engine with an IOT vapourizer that gives you the power to control every aspect of your session, ensuring you always get the experience you desire. The breakthrough technology packed into this device allows for real-time adjustments to vapor density, variable heat controls, and modularity making it simple to clean and maintain with minimal effort. Whether you use cannabis for sleep, pain management, sharing with friends, or happy relaxation, all of the control is right at your fingertips. The bonus is you don’t have to know anything about cannabis to operate the device. All you have to do is tell Saturn how you want to feel, and it takes care of the rest.



Leaf Forward launches “Canada’s first cannabis business accelerator”

This Cannabis Business Accelerator Is Preparing Canadian Entrepreneurs For Legalization

Members: Jeffrey Stewart, Rafael Khan, Bhavesh Kakwani, Ryan Robinson

Mentors: Shaina Denny, Head of Marketing for Eli Electric Vehicles; Nicholas Becker, PhD student at University of Washington

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