Ripple, Come Up To My Room at the Gladstone Hotel & Nuit Blanche, Queen’s Quay Terminal

 Experimental Project

Sponsored by Subaru, Ripple was designed and fabricated for the 2015 Nuit Blanche Festival. It was exhibited again at the Ryerson Artspace at the Gladstone Hotel as part of Come Up To My Room 2016.

Ripple is a playful, poetic installation that illustrates that we can achieve more together than when we act alone, that every action creates a ripple effect. This collaborative installation features a collection of individual drops lit with LEDs, which, when pulled on by users, sound individual notes from a midi keyboard hidden above the installation’s acrylic ceiling panels. When two or more users pull on the drops, the individual notes resound in a dynamic musical arrangement. The more users engage with the installation, the greater the ripple effect. The installation encourages users to move and occupy a shared space. Whether choreographed or chaotic, together, users create a composition of sounds, lights and movement. The installation embodies what iis at the heart of interactive exhibitions like Nuit Blanche and Come Up To My Room: dynamic, whimsical, user-created experiences.

Members: Haya Alnibari, Lisa Boulatova, Tim Fu, Lily Jeon, Diana Koncan, Kate Korotayeva, Amina Lalor, Nathaniel Mendiola & Tiffany Zhang

Mentor: Vincent Hui

Come Up To My Room Photos: Amina Lalor

Nuit Blanche Photos: Remi Carreiro

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