Sine for Nuit Blanche at the Bata Shoe Museum

Experimental Project

Sine imitates the fluctuating light and sound rhythms of a sine wave, a curve or wave that oscillates in a pattern. As an interactive environment, Sine users can influence the sound and light inside of each petal node based on their proximity. Sine debuted during Nuit Blanche at the Bata Shoe Musem. This project is designed, developed and fabricated by members of [R]ed[U]x Lab, a collective specializing in interactive design, technologies and digital fabrication at Ryerson University, Department of Architectural Science and lead by Professor Vincent Hui,

Members: Krystyna Ng, Jessica Walker, Gerald Karaguni, Sahel Tahvildari, Anthony Gugliotta, Dorothy Johns, Christopher Chown

Mentor: Vincent Hui

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