Snowcone for the Winter Stations Competition on The Beach

Experimental Project

Snowcone was exhibited during the inaugural Winter Stations Competition on The Beach.

Snowcone’s playful architectural design mimics the protective organic form of a pinecone and borrows the simple, effective technology of a traditional igloo. In warm, sunny weather, Snowcone’s translucent panels filter colourful rays of light; in cold, snowy conditions, the insulated structure functions as a hub in which visitors can huddle for warmth.

Members: Lily Jeon, Diana Koncan, Caeleigh Kinch, Lisa Boulatova, Kate Korotayeva, Nathaniel Mendiola, Max Komyshenko, Cathy Truong, Tiffany Zhang, Farah Majdoub, Mariam El-Zein, Naveed Khan, Gregor Tratnik, Haya Alnibari, Ti Fu, Anthony Youssef, Peter Xu, Caroline Jeon, Amina Lalor, Steven De Boyrie, Mariah Cestra, Natalie Guerra, Gregory Koncan

Mentor: Vincent Hui

Photos: Remi Carreiro


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Design Boom
Canadian Architect

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The Globe and Mail
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