World’s Longest DNA Model

Experimental Project

The DFZ teamed up with a group of Ryerson undergraduate students from the Faculty of Science to break the Guinness World Record for the longest DNA model. 43.5 meters in length, the model was assembled and displayed in Dundas Square during the 2016 Toronto Science Rendezvous. The community was invited to participate in the making of the installation. Visitors had their polaroid photos taken which were assigned a letter A, T, C, or G. The assigned photos were attached to the backbone structure of the model to signify DNA base pairs.

Members: Nathan Battersby, Reeda Mahmood, Christina Thuppu Mudalige, Maham Hijazi, Kirshnam Patel, Nikol Leschyshyn, Janusan Baskararajah, Valerie Poon, Rameen Akmal, Alyssa Carere

Mentors: Tom Bessai, Duncan Sabiston & Lily Jeon

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